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“They made it possible for me to begin my solo law practice. AEC trains staff to exacting requirements. The professionals with whom I have worked over a ten-year period have done typing, court filing, and computer training. Even now that I have full-time staff of my own, I often rely on them for overflow work. Over the years, they have handled the preparation and packaging of bulk mailings, courier work to other counties, and numerous other tasks. The staff responds quickly and without complaint to emergency situations. No matter how large my practice may grow, I will always be reassured by the fact that I can draw upon their help.”

Robert Lipshutz, Attorney

“I wanted you to know how pleased I am with your Support Services Department in the Exton office. The quality of promptness of their service is commendable. Everything that I have asked for they have delivered. In some cases, it was a last minute request and they came through.”

Dean Lecky
CTR Systems

“My Admin proactively designed an innovative billing system, and became my entire billing department, saving me the cost of a full-time assistant. They allowed me to grow my business by concentrating on my core competency...sales.”

Robyn Axner, President
Furman Communications

“I am convinced there is no better way to help set up your business then My Admin. I was amazed that My Admin was able to help with telemarketing at a time when I was unable to do so. You can imagine my surprise and gratitude at finding a full calendar. My Admin consistently delivers results that exceed my highest expectation."

T.W. Fluck
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

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