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I wanted you to know that both Dee and Tiffany have gone well above what I expected from an Admin. They are completely professional at all times, and make me feel confident that I can leave them with any tasks to accomplish, and that they will not only complete these tasks but will follow through on each and every one. They have come up with ideas for marketing my business, organized my office and assisted me in many ways that Ive requested without hesitation.

Bart S. Kaplow, C.L.U., ChFC, Owner
Capital Planning Corporation

"The support team consistently provides quality work in a timely fashion at a reasonable cost.  The staff is always kind and courteous and they truly understand their client's sense of urgency in business matters.  Every project we have had done by BSS has been done efficiently and most importantly, done without error!"

Kristina Grabish
Superior Home Mortgage

"They are always a wonderful support to me.  They understand the urgency of my needs and treat me as though I am their only client, even though I know I am just one of many.  Their work is superb with minimal to no errors and they always keep me satisfied.

Gary W. Bolis, President & CEO
Penn Land Development

In Jim Collin's book, Good To Great, he points put out that companies that become great know "one big thing" and stick to it. Comparison companies are more like foxes-crafty, cunning creatures that know many things but lack consistency.

CSA is starting to be able to focus on what we can be best at, and that is because of the initiatives My Admin has taken with us. We are only at the beginning, but already we have had many administrative duties handled better and more expeditiously. More importantly, proactive ideas are being developed by Raquel and Jen...and that is where the true progress will be realized. I am looking at each of the functions handled by CSA and deciding what can best be handled by My Admin.

We are far from a great company, but with your teams continued support we aim to get there.

Anthony Caruso, President CSA Group

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