Why My Admin

…already we have had many administrative duties handled better and more expeditiously…
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There are good reasons for not hiring a part time employee to
help with all the chores and challenges of running a successful business. Often…
  • Either there is no office space available for an assistant or they are reluctant to work in your home.
  • If the need for an assistant averages less than half a day, it is impractical to hire a part time person or temp.
  • The administrative and tax headaches of taking on a part time employee outweigh the benefits.

With My Admin you have...

  • no administrative paperwork hassles or costs dealing with employee taxes, unemployment insurance, and Health Care benefits
  • no employee costs for 'down time', sick time or vacation time
  • no agency fees
  • no extra office space costs
  • no additional computer equipment or software costs


  • can be a valuable sounding board for new ideas and projects
  • can help you stay on track and on schedule
  • can handle your seasonal or periodic projects
  • work only when you need us. Only pay for what you use!

Call us now, your new assistant is ready for their next assignment.